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    Slowdive, 1993

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  6. I made another mix, WSCwhich you can listen to here or here (alternate version).

    Right Thing To Do (feat. Jessie Ware) - SBTRKT

    Silver - Caribou

    Out of the Dark - Mr Twin Sister

    Wildfire (feat. Little Dragon & Drake) - SBTRKT

    On My Own (feat. Denai Moore) - Fantastic Mr Fox

    Les Voiles - Poom

    Back Home - Caribou

    The Light (feat. Denai Moore) - SBTRKT

    Tough Love - Jessie Ware

    Flutes - Hot Chip

    Returnal (feat. Antony Hegarty) - Oneohtrix Point Never


  7. Someone asked me if there was a tag for my art posts and there is, I just never really talked about it because I post things like that sporadically, but I just went ahead and added the tag link to my blog.

    I’m pretty embarrassed about how low-res most of it is though, but have no fear because thanks to my macbook those days are over.

    I’m going to pull some of my older stuff off of my website and I think move everything to one art blog on here so stay tuned for that. Also, It’ll be great to post the variations of things I made that never got posted anywhere.

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  8. 10.19.14

    I’m proud to say that this was created by a bunch of patterns I made over the past year.


  10. Become rich so that I can live in a quiet cabin-esque house around, but not close to, the bay area and own my own practice, but drive a nice car and make good driving playlists so that I can tolerate driving an hour to work every day. 

    The drive into the bay is scenic enough to tolerate anyways. The traffic? Maybe.


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    who would do this

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  14. Anti-social at all the parties 😐

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    show me your face / august 2014

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