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  2. 31 Days of Halloween: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)

     I’ll be honest, I’ve put off watching this movie for as long as I can remember. When it comes to horror movies i’m more of a horror/sci-fi fan, so any slasher flick takes some easing into for me. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre especially (something about Leatherface just disturbs me on many levels) because I believed it was a true story as a child so the thought took a long time to shake off. HOWEVER, I realized that I could wait no longer because the best part of horror films is watching the ones that you really don’t want to. I also figured this would be a good push off the edge into a month long spree of horror. 

     Today marks the 40th anniversary of the film’s initial release and let’s face it, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a great film that withstands the test of time. It’s a bit of a slow start into the action, but once the death starts it dives straight into an inspiring and downright thrilling-killing-spree. Luckily, or I should say sadly, I know I didn’t feel the true charm as we’ve all become a little desensitized to blood and gore over the past 40 years of TCM's release, but I still found myself quite on the edge of my seat. Yes, I did have to pause it a few times within the first 30 minutes because the building suspense of “who's going to die first?” kept rushing through my mind, but the actual horror was the best part and I wish that I had never held back from this film.

     Let’s also pay attention to the fact that the hitchhiker, the cook, and Leatherface are some seriously disturbing, yet wonderfully simplistic characters. Also the amount of detail put into the creation of Leatherface’s house was the main “atmospheric” factor for me considering how low-budget the film was (nothing beats a bunch of bones and skin paired with being chased through the woods).

     Overall, I highly recommend watching this (even if you hate horror movies or get scared easily) perhaps with some friends if you have to, but I personally felt the scare was more fun than anything. While it may be the last Tobe Hooper film you see on this list, I assure you it won’t be the last Ed Gein inspired one. 

     The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an essential fright during this Halloween season so get to watching it.

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    October 1: Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre celebrates its 40th anniversary today. It premiered on October 1, 1974 in Austin, TX.


  4. Ok so I can’t stop adding to this horror movies list and I am getting to a dangerous number over 31 so I need to STOP and start watching the first movie. I’ll post the list once I can figure out what to do with myself and all these excess movies (I definitely see some double features happening). 

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  7. I am constantly upset by my egg limitations (a.k.a. food allergy)


  8. Have you ever asked yourselves “wow what am I doing here on this dumb website named after a fucking cup that was intended for blogging, but instead has become a sad source of meme creation and reiteration?” 

    No? Me either. 

    Don’t ever leave this forsaken place. I love all of you. 


  10. I’m working on a list of horror movies that I plan on watching starting tomorrow throughout October. So far i’m off to a good start of movies I’ve never seen to the classics. I’ve been itching to watch something scary lately so I decided to hold off until tomorrow, but I’ll try my best to make a post about each one and put the list up tomorrow as well.

    If you guys have any recommendations, let me know! 

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    i cant stop watching this


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  13. Of course the first positive case of the ebola virus happens here in Dallas


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